My Social Network Sdn. Bhd

Web Automation Portal development using HTML/CSS, AngularJS, PHP (CodeIgniter, core) for frontend and PHP (CodeIgniter, core) as RESTful web services, MySQL at the backend. Hybrid Mobile App development using Ionic, AngularJS.

Turing Creative Solutions Sdn. Bhd.

Hybrid mobile application development using Ionic, HTML/CSS, AngularJS at frontend and PHP (CodeIgniter) and MySQL in the backend. PHP web development. Java development for natural language processing and semantic web. Java development for natural language processing and semantic web.

NovaGlobal Pte Ltd

Java portlet development. Technical documentation . Installation and
system administration of computational grid systems based on Linux.

Iran High Performance Computing Research Center (IHPCRC)

Maintaining and Administering Linux cluster and grid infrastructure s. Test and debugging server grid/cluster software. Installing and Administering Xen virtual machine farms. User guide and technical documentation. Oracle 11g2 rac administration. Web development using ASP.NET and OracleDB (PL/SQL).

Satrap System Technology plc.

Requirement elicitation and documentation. Managing the research and development division on new technologies and trends for web and windows applications. IT consultancy and advisory for governmental agencies. Implementing RAD technologies. Developing web portals and windows applications using C# and ASP.Net framework (DB: OracleDB and MSSQL) . Giving tutoring services on web and window application development . Linux server and MSSQL administration .

Karmania Media plc.

Gathering and documents system requirements . Designing and defining technical specifications . Developing window applications using C#.NET and MSSQL. Performing maintenance and administrative tasks on MSSQL server and Web Portals.